Sunday, January 07, 2007

World of Warcraft Gold Secrets

There's a WoW guide on sale called Cash Creating Guide which promises to lay bare World of Warcraft gold secrets. The author makes some pretty big claims:

"The Most Hated Player in World of Warcraft Blows the Lid Off the Corrupt Gold-Farming Industry and Reveals the Secret Tactics You Can Use to Legally Make up to 60 Gold an Hour or More Without Using Hacks and Without Getting Banned...So You Never Have to Buy Gold Again!"

"In this 81 page report I lay out all the gold creating secrets I've discovered in my almost 2 years of playing World of Warcraft. I hold absolutely nothing back! These are the same secret tactics that have made me thousands of gold with ease and make me the number one target of the gold sellers hatred for releasing them."

Big claims but does the guide live up to its promises?

I figured it was worth the money to check it out since the author is offering a refund if it isn't up to spec. The first thing that you notice is that the guide is relatively short at 81 pages due to the absence of any fluff. He gets right down to a number of different methods of making WoW gold straight off the bat.

One of the other guides I bought, which shall remain nameless, was almost nothing but fluff. It went into great detail about how to sell in the AH and how green items were worth more then grey. Duh. Anyway, I digress. The Cash Creating Guide is different. It's all substance and no fluff. It isn't for absolute beginners certainly but if you have an idea how to sell in the AH and know your way around the zones you may be ready for this guide.

I pride myself on knowing most ways to make WoW gold but I have to say there were some great ideas in there that I hadn't discovered. I'm not going to share them in this blog since the author has obviously put a lot of work into the guide and it wouldn't be fair to steal his ideas. There a whole mix of techniques for almost any level. It includes a bit of everything including trading, timing, crafting, hunting, gathering etc.

It's a bit difficult to say how good the guide is without revealing all his secrets but it works and works well. I've tried only a few techniques in the guide, and there are many, and I've already made several hundred gold almost effortlessly.

The drawback is that it does cost real money, in this case $37. Worth it? I think so. If you are short of gold you can either make it of buy it. Buying a decent amount of gold will cost you more than the price of the guide and when you've spent it, it's gone. With this guide you can make more gold whenever you need it.
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